Hailong Sun's Photo  Hailong Sun

 Professor, School of Software, Beihang University

 Visiting Professor, University of Toronto, 2015.8~2016.8 (Prof. Ding Yuan's Group)
 Exchange Scholar, AT&T Shannon Laboratory, New Jersey, 2008.7-2008.12 (working with Dr. Yih-Farn Robin Chen)
 Ph.D. , Beihang University, 2001.9-2008.1
 B. S. , Northern JiaoTong University (now Beijing JiaoTong University),1997.9-2001.7

 Email: sunhl[AT]buaa[DOT]edu[DOT]cn    

Research Interests

Intelligent Software Engineering,  Artificial Intelligence,  Open Source Software and Ecosystems,  Distributed Systems.

I am looking for highly self-motivated students to work with me in the broad areas of computer software and artificial intelligence. Please send me an email if you are interested. We also have postdoc positions available.

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Selected Publications: